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Dongguan Zhenggangxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. It is a self-imported import and export right, based in China. Dongguan, providing fast, comprehensive supporting service platform for private, state-owned and foreign-funded enterprises. Now our business covers the Pearl River Delta and East China. Provide high quality electronic parts and technical support for many electronics manufacturers! The company's main brand authorized YageO chip capacitor resistor series, Huaxinke (WALSIN) chip capacitor resistor series, Murata (MURATA) high capacitance chip capacitor series,


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  • What are the advantages of chip capacitors versus ceramic capacitors?


    Let me explain the advantages of the comparison between the chip capacitor and the ceramic capacitor:

  • What is the use of chip capacitors in the circuit?


    The role of chip capacitors in the circuit is very important. As the technology becomes more and more intelligent, the capacitors used in the circuit board are gradually degraded. As the technology evolves into a precision device, it can be filtered and decoupled in the circuit. The main purpose of …

  • Four ways to identify chip capacitance


    SMD capacitors do not really know what kind of thing he is for ordinary people, but its application in our lives is very extensive. For example, in our common car phones and smart homes that are now hot, he is a class of new electronic components. Chip capacitors are typically used in circuits, and …

  • Chip capacitor life detection method



  • Identification and application of original capacitors


    The identification and application of capacitive components are as follows: First: the detection of capacitors The main faults of capacitors are: breakdown, short circuit, leakage, capacity reduction, deterioration and damage.

  • Note on Chip Capacitor in LED Driver Circuit The full name of chip capacitor is called multi-layer chip ceramic capacitor, which is abbreviated as MLCC


    The full name of the chip capacitor is called multi-layer chip ceramic capacitor, which is abbreviated as MLCC in English. When the MLCC is subjected to a temperature shock, cracks easily occur from the welded end. At this point, the small size capacitor is relatively better than the large size capa…

  • Chip Capacitor Technology Analysis


    SMD capacitors are fabricated in a rugged, full-twist structure that withstands high stress and hazardous environments, making them ideal for low-voltage filtering in demanding, high-stress defense and aerospace systems such as weapon systems, radars, wireless transceivers, and power supplies. Energ…

  • Chip capacitor welding method and skill


    SMD capacitor soldering methods and techniques, chip capacitors are commonly used in various types of electronics, although not the most used electronic components, but the damage rate of soldering is high, many of which are appearing in the chip electrolytic capacitor Welding problems. Here are som…

  • Chip capacitance


    The basic function of a capacitor is to store the charge, which is common in analog and digital circuits and has no substitute effect. As a basic component in a circuit, a capacitor has several uses:

  • The role of chip capacitors in the electrical field


    Chip capacitors should not be unfamiliar in the industry. As the largest passive component manufacturer before, Murata's chip capacitors are widely used. At the same time, the chip capacitor is used as a passive component. The functions frequently used in the power circuit are: the functions of bypa…

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